2015 Data Purge & Upgrade to SSD

It was finally time to breathe some new life into my early 2009 Mac Pro. I was at the point where most of my drives were nearing 90% utilized. For years I never really thought about available space on my mac. This was designed on purpose; throw in enough disks and never think about it, just save it and archive it away… Well, that thought process finally caught up to me.

I also took this opportunity to upgrade my original 640GB boot disk to a Samsung 850 Pro 512GB SSD. I have always known about the dramatic speed increases compared to the traditional spinning disks. Part of the reason why I never really upgraded earlier was I wanted to technology to mature enough. The other, no reason to upgrade while the original boot disk was humming along…

Before Speeds


After Speeds


After going through the biggest space hogs on my main data drive; Aperture (pictures), home videos and duplicate MP3’s, I cleaned up rough 400GB of space.


Once I cleaned up my main data drive, I went through and delete all previous backups of files/folders that I no longer needed. After spending a couple of hours on it, I now have some breathing room now.